FOW project T-10 and T-62 project draft.



2017/11/29 18:25
I love that IS-10, hope to see it pre-built at some point. I love this stuff, guys, keep it up!
2018/2/15 13:37
When will it be on the market?
2018/3/30 14:48
Any chance for the T-55, T-62 and GAZ 66???
2018/4/10 19:09
Please help me. I cannot find any costumer service contact about an order I just recieved. The order was for 13 vehicles of which 3 were damage in delivery. One beyond repair. How do I get a replacement or a refund.
Two T-72 and one T-14 damage. The T-72 was the one destroyed. I have photos should you need to see the models.
Rocco Marchese
2018/9/15 18:29
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