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Modelcollect's new release on 2019.July

Modelcollect's new release on 2019.July

This is the model brand Modelcollect from China, we are formed in 2012, start focused on the 1/72 small scale military vehicle die-cast models and kits. and now we are making other bigger kits and models too.

UA35013 German WWII E-75 heavy tank "King tiger III"with 105mm gun
UA72309 Fist of War WWII German 28CM Kanone 3 Auf Lastenträger E-100
UA72167 WWII German STUG E50/75 transport trains
UA72328 Nato M1014 MAN Tractor & BGM-109G Ground Launched Cruise Missile new Ver

AS72141 9P117 Strategic missile launcher SCUD C in Middle East Area
AS72145 Soviet/Russian Army MAZ-7410 with ChMZAP-9990 semi-trailer green

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